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In-person sessions are designed to help you declutter and organize any area in your home.

Available in Munich, Germany and select few other locations upon request. 

Firstly, we will do a complimentary and non-binding video or in-home consultation, the purpose of which is to understand your challenges and goals, see if we are the right fit, and then we can book a session.

The duration of an in-home session is usually 3-4 hours at a time, depending on your needs. I will work alongside you to help you make the necessary decisions and establish systems and processes that serve your lifestyle.


Work with me to declutter and organize your home wherever you are in the world.

All you need is a smart phone and good internet connection. 

Firstly, we will do a complimentary and non-binding video consultation, the purpose of which is to understand your challenges and goals, see if we are the right fit, and then we can book a session.

Duration of each virtual session is usually 2 hours at a time, focusing on a specific space in your home. 

Decluttering Sessions: Services

Originally I asked Maya to help as a luxurious gift to myself, however after one session I realized her service is a necessity, especially when moving during the pandemic. She was calm under pressure, thoughtful and such a delight to work with. At the end of every session I feel like she has taught me how to organize by creating a system that works exclusively for us. Our home is more organized and simplified all because of Maya. Thank you!!!

Jenny N.

You never really know how much stuff you've accumulated until you move house. Thank you Maya, for saving our sanity by helping us declutter.

Sandra B.

Thank you, Maya, for transforming my kitchen with limited storage space into a functional, organized room that now feels more open and is a delight to be in. It was so easy to set up a virtual appointment with you. It felt as if you were physically in the room with me. You asked questions, listened intently, viewed my surroundings, and then directly provided simple, inexpensive solutions. Instead of buying additional kitchen cabinets that would have made my kitchen appear overcrowded and have been costly, you provided effective reorganization tips.  I greatly appreciated the links you sent immediately for economical items to reorganize and create space aesthetically. Thank you again, Maya, for the ability to appear virtually in my home and provide your brilliant solutions.

I recently moved into a new smaller house and without Maya's help, I would have never survived! She really inspired me with her practical sense and good taste to declutter as much as I can and to set up any room thoughtfully and functionally.  Thanks to Maya and her unquestionable professional expertise my tiny kitchen looks now like the most comfortable and largest area in the house, the perfect kingdom for an Italian passionate about cooking. The Life Curator, simply the best!

Lisa B.

Marina R.

Decluttering Sessions: Testimonials
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