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The Curated Wardrobe Challenge - Week 3

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Hello Ladies,

I am excited for Week 3, but more importantly for the incredible feedback I have been getting. Big hugs to all you ladies who are decluttering your wardrobes, toys and anything else ;) And of course to anyone just getting the inspiration and strength to start. Earlier this week, even my therapist told me that I inspired her to declutter her books!!! :)

In case you just joined the challenge, here's a very quick recap:

  • In Week 1 we packed away the summer clothes, assessed the wardrobe space, thought about our current lifestyle and fashion style.

  • In Week 2 we decluttered all the clothes (by category) and rearranged the wardrobe space to display what is left neatly and practically.

I got rid of nearly 90 items last week (35% of my clothes), but the best part was that I achieved it completely "organically" and without any pressure on myself. I just kept all the items that I love and feel good wearing. It's really that simple.

In Week 3 I will be curating my:

  • shoes

  • coats and jackets,

  • accessories (scarves, gloves, hats, sunglasses, jewelry),

  • handbags,

  • any special sportswear.

Depending on how many items you own in the above categories, you may choose to put away the summer collection and just declutter the new season, or do it all at once. I will do everything at once (mine and the boys') as I don't think we have too many (but who knows what I will find tucked away).

The most important thing to do is to always gather all the items in a category. That way you can see the sheer quantity of items you own and it makes it so much easier to let go of the excess.

The method is the same as Week 2:

  • Empty the space and wipe it clean.

  • Decide what items will be stored where.

  • Try on every item.

  • Pile 1 - Keep (it fits, you wore in the past one year and you love)

  • Pile 2 - Maybe

  • Pile 3 - Toss

  • Pile 4 - Donate / Sell

Tip #1: Do you even know how much you have?

Before gathering all your shoes, coats or scarves, try to guess how many you have and how many you think you need (in line with your lifestyle of course). It will help you a lot with the decision process.

Tip #2: Display it properly

Make sure that you store everything in a way that it's easily accessible, visible and practical (as best as you can in the space you have).

Tip #3: DO NOT keep shoes that don't fit any more.

If your shoe size changed since you had children for example, I hate to break it to you, but your feet will probably not shrink, unlike your breasts! ;) Kiss those shoes goodbye.

I will leave you with a quote that my sister sent me:

"The easiest way to organise your stuff is to get rid of most of it" - Joshua Fields Millburn

Happy organising!



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